Is an Internet-Only Phone Number Worth VoIP?

When we talk about the best way to establish an Internet call center, people often talk about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP is not only a great solution for business owners who want to incorporate an Internet call center, but also for consumers who want to make free phone calls to other countries. But when you’re talking about setting up a call center, one of the first things you need to do is to establish a VoIP phone number. This is usually done with a VoIP Phone System, which is a special phone system that connects to the Internet and routes calls through an 800 or local number.

Virtual Phone Number – Your Very Own Temporary Phone Number - 21972 |  MyTechLogy

There are several benefits to setting up your own virtual number: First of all, it costs less than traditional phone lines, especially if you’re going to use VoIP instead of your company’s traditional phone service. Second of all, because VoIP numbers are assigned to each user, each call is automatically charged according to the current rates – no more surprise bills! Thirdly, a VoIP phone number can be assigned to multiple users, so you won’t have to remember which person is picking up the phone or that person is calling from a non-office phone. Lastly, you can pick out any available country that you’d like to be included in your calling area, and your callers will always receive a toll-free number to reach you.

Once you’ve established your own voip phone number, you’ll need to find a way to register your number with the major carriers. You may need to go through a toll-free phone service, or you may need to contact the phone company that manages your account (like AT&T). Usually, a business will have an account manager that will help you set up your voice virtual office or will be able to walk you through the process by emailing the necessary information.

If your business uses an android device as its primary smartphone, or you often have employees using these devices to access the internet while they’re on the road, your business may want to consider a hosted solution for its voice phone number. The reason you want to consider a hosted option instead of an unsecured one is that most internet connections aren’t encrypted when it comes to voice traffic. This means that if you send a voice message over the internet to someone with an unsecure connection, your message may become intercepted before it gets to the intended recipient. This can be a big problem, especially if the voice call is to advise your client of an upcoming meeting, or an important new policy that he or she needs to be aware of.

For this reason, many businesses are moving away from using their traditional “land-line” phones and turning to VoIP instead. While they will still make outgoing calls to an unsecured line (such as their cell phone), the majority of their incoming calls will be made to their VoIP enabled VoIP telephone, which is connected directly to the company’s broadband network. When this happens, all of the incoming and outgoing traffic that your business receives on their voice phone number is encrypted, ensuring that all of the data is secure.

One way that your business can use VoIP is to set up a voicemail account. You can set up a VoIP voicemail feature on your voicemail account that allows you to store messages on your android device for reference later. This is especially handy if you often leave messages on your voice phone number without actually taking the call yourself: if you’re not available to take your call, simply retrieve the message from your voicemail account. You’ll then be able to forward the message to your caller later – either by email or phone call. Even if you don’t use an internet connection, you can set up VoIP with your business VoIP service provider so that all of your incoming calls are made with your own secure server, rather than going through your cell phone or Wi-Fi connection.

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